Call for Papers

For the fourth issue of Philosophy of Coaching we invite submissions on any topic relevant to the mission of the journal.

That mission, once again, is to:

  • Initiate and sustain a rigorous, relevant inquiry into the nature and value of coaching
  • Clarify assumptions embedded in the teaching and practice of coaching
  • Critically examine and explore the implications of empirical research in the field
  • Situate the field and the practice of coaching within a broader socio-cultural and historical frame
  • Explore the structure and impact of the institutions defining and governing the field

We invite the following kinds of submission:

  • Research Papers (5,000 words approx.) that bring together multiple, well-researched perspectives on a given topic
  • Position Papers (3,000 words approx.) that articulate a single, well-researched perspective on a given topic
  • Book Reviews (1,000-2,000 words approx.) that summarize, reflect on and evaluate books relevant to coaches that have been published in the past 12 months (Book Reviews do not need to relate directly to the theme).
  • Response Papers (1,000 words approx.) that take up and respond to ideas, themes and perspectives published in previous issues of Philosophy of Coaching (available at

The deadline for submissions is  February 1st, 2018, for publication in May, 2018.

Instructions on how to submit a paper are available at: